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An SSD, or solid state drive, provides PC users with a configuration that is extremely desirable. As a solid state drive has no moving parts, they are less prone to the failures that plague traditional hard drives. There are a number of advantages that are apparent when comparing this new technology with what has been used up until now.

If you often feel frustrated by the time it takes your computer to open files and carry out commands, you will love the speed at which a solid state drive responds. Though a lot of research has gone into producing ever faster CPU's (the processor chip), improvements are limited due to the way in which traditional hard drives are designed. With solid state technology this obstacle to fast computing is completely gone.

Another benefit that is apparent with SSD technology is the removal of a frustratingly long boot up time. With a regular hard drive, it can take many minutes for the BIOS data to be accessed to allow a PC to become operable. If you normally have enough time to make a cup of coffee in-between switching on your computer and being able to use applications, you will be amazed at the speed at which an SSD boots.

Energy efficiency is an important consideration today when buying electrical appliances and the latest gadgets. A solid state drive uses considerably less power than a regular hard drive. As they do not contain any spinning mechanical parts, this means that battery life is extended.

One issue that plagues most hard drives, but does not occur with an SSD, is fragmentation. Over time, the data on a traditional hard drive becomes split up and stored independently. The result of this can be a PC that is incredibly unresponsive and which takes a considerable amount of time to access data. In such a scenario, the best solution up until today would have been to defragment the drive on a regular basis. An SSD drive suffers from no such problems, this means that any file can be opened far quicker than what would have been previously the case.

The only drawback with a solid state drive is the price. As the technology is still in its infancy, it is not so widespread, therefore costs are higher. It is believed that in the coming years, this type of hard drive will reduce in price and become widely available.

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